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Somewhere in the clouds over Texas!  #flying #clouds

Somewhere in the clouds over Texas! #flying #clouds

Anonymous asked: I constantly think about suicide and I don't know what to do. School makes me anxious and over spring break I didn't really have to talk to anyone but I have school tomorrow and I'm so scared. When I'm there I just want to hide myself and not be seen. I want to die and even though people always say "there are people that care about you" I never feel that it is true.


But it is true! You should try to make a list of the people who care about you (and there’s ALWAYS someone who cares about you, no matter what). So don’t say that there isn’t anybody in this entire world who cares about you, because that’s not true. Education is important, so when you’re at school, try to focus on the lessons.


15 photos of children paint a vibrant portrait of the South Bronx

These images are the work of Chris Arnade, 48, who quit his 20-year job as a Wall Street banker a few years ago to explore the world just outside Manhattan. He started to photograph people in New York’s most challenged areas, such as the South Bronx, which is the country’s poorest congressional district. Just a 10-minute subway ride from the dwellings of Manhattan’s millionaires, one in three people lives below the poverty line. 

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Photo of my wife from today. I used #vignette for Android. #life #beautiful

Photo of my wife from today. I used #vignette for Android. #life #beautiful


Hugging tip #54: hug for just a bit too long and whisper ‘hail hydra’ into their ear

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